Jeff Hartline for County Commissioner

What Matters Most

Wilson County is growing rapidly, and we must manage our resources with the utmost care. Our most critical issues are the following: 

  • Budget: We must monitor our spending and make sure our priorities are reflected in our budgets.
  • Community Safety: We must make certain our Police, Fire, and EMS are properly funded, trained, and supported by the entire community of Wilson County.
  • Education: We must continue to improve our already great schools and make certain they are funded, maintained, staffed, and responsibly managed.
  • Government Reform: We must improve our responsiveness and make it easier for residents to get the information they need for their everyday lives.
  • Infrastructure: We must secure our future by keeping our infrastructure updated, maintaining it, while appropriately and responsibly funding it.
  • Taxes: We must do everything possible to keep our property tax rate low. Responsible governing should mean no increases in our property taxes.